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  • I received the treatment from Dr Sofia and found her to be very professional and thorough on the initial consultation and on the day of the treatment. She was very precise and paid attention to detail. She was considerate about how I felt throughout the procedure. She also contacted me the following day to ensure that I was well. I would happily recommend Sofia to all my friends and will continue to have any future treatments with Dr Sofia.
  • I would highly recommend Dr Sofia, she was incredibly professional whilst displaying an array of confidence in providing an in-depth consultation. Dr Sofia's commitment to excellence in customer service, patient care and patient safety resulted in me having treatment on the same day. I am so pleased with the results that I have re-booked my second appointment already. Thank you for giving me my confidence back!!
    Tasmira Ahmed
  • I went to Sofia based on a recommendation from my sister, I wanted lip fillers as I was really impressed with my sister's results. I'm so happy with my new lips I love them! Sofia was very accommodating, friendly and knowledgable. She took time to ask me questions and understand what I wanted. I will definitely be recommending her to friends and family and go to her for any future treatments. Thank you again x
  • AMAZING ! , she did a amazing job on my lips, it was my first time having filler and she made me feel very comfortable as she talked me through everything so we could get the look I wanted and would know what to expect. Apart from the fact she gave me a beautiful set of lips she's also a lovely lady so I would highly recommend her ! :)
  • This was the first time that I have had a treatment with Sofia and I am 100% happy with both service and results. I was looking for cheek filler due to volume loss. The appointment consisted of a thorough consultation, medical questionnaire, about the look I was going for and the options of how the filler was administered. Sofia also contacted me post treatment for an update. I am totally happy with the service and also the look Sofia created and I plan to pay her another visit very soon.
    Natasha Khan
  • This is the 1st time I have had any real cosmetic surgery. I have had dark circles since I was young. I saw Dr Sofia and we discussed what treatments were out there. She suggest Tear Trough as it would reduce the hollows of my under eyes and decrease the lines. After a really good chat I decided to give it a go.....BEST DECISION! I feel so much more confident when I am wearing make up or no make up. It has certainly reduced the hollowness as well as the lines underneathe my eyes. I'm really happy with Dr Sofia's advice and honesty.
  • This was my first time having any kind of cosmetic treatment. I had lip fillers and a brow lift. I can't be happier with the results and Dr Sofia was amazing. She is very knowledgeable and experienced and she understood exactly how I wanted my lips to look. She was constantly asking me throughout the treatment if I was okay and she also provided me with thorough information before the treatment began. I'm definitely sticking with Dr Sofa for future treatments!
  • This was my first time meeting Dr Sofia and my first time having the tear trough treatment. I could tell immediately that Dr Sofia was very knowledgable and confident in her work which automatically put any concerns I might have had at bay. She is such a lovely woman I really could have just sat and spoken to her for hours! The treatment went exactly as she had told me it would, and I am super pleased with the results! My dark circles have always been an issue for me, and immediately after the treatment we could see there was a huge improvement! Without a shadow of a doubt I will be back having this treatment again with Dr Sofia. A brilliant service and a brilliant woman!
    Justine Barrett
  • Sadly early menopause has left me feeling deflated about my skin, after serious consideration & numerous recommendations I never felt completely confident to go forward following a consultation. Dr Sofia is such a perfectionist & very understanding of your specific needs, I was actually excited about having my treatment. I do have some medical issues & she listened consistently even though I was there a while (few ailments). I love her passion for perfection & that she will happily spend time to get the look you want. I felt no pain during my treatment & look forward to my next visit. I have every confidence. Thank you
    Lucy Tickner
  • I had Botox in my forehead with Dr Sofia, She was so professional and such a perfectionist, Sofia made me feel completely at ease throughout the whole experience. She created such a natural result! I had been looking for a while for the perfect person, who I could trust with my face and now I've found Sofia, I would never go to anyone else. Sofia is very honest, which I think is extremely important, I completely trust her word.
    Nikita Turley
  • I've had several treatments with Dr Sofia, cheek fillers and Botox... I had problems with my previous practitioner and kept getting a brow drop... I've never had this problem with Sofia... she puts me a complete ease, very professional and listens to what I wanted to achieve. I couldn't be happier with my treatments..
  • Sofia treated my lower face and cheek with 2ml of Ellanse Filler, after a consultation where as she's a Dr all the risks and benefits were professionally explained. Sofia took such care in listening to what concerns and injected the filler accordingly using her artist eye. After the treatment that lasted about an hour, I was a little swollen. Sofia explained to put ice on the treated areas. I had to go out so I didn't. My face was quite swollen for a few days and I'll be honest I freaked out. Sofia kept in touch and reassured me and advised to put ice on the swelling. Day 4 after treatment the shape Sofia created began to emerge. Now at day 8. I look amazing and I will definitely have the treatment again , but only with Sofia. Love my face I feel much more confident and although I know it’s shallow, but I'm so much happier with the way my post menopausal face looks. Thank you so much Sofia cannot recommend her skills of Dr and Artist highly enough
    Hannah Rowe
  • My first time getting any type of filler and I'm so glad I went to Dr. Sofia for my lips! Her attention to detail, honesty and care before and after the process is great. The after care in particular is amazing, I did text her a few times asking questions and checking in with pictures etc to make sure things were going okay as it was my first time and her replies were also so quick and friendly I never once felt a nuisance. I will only ever use Dr.Sofia for my treatments from now on.
  • Had Botox in forehead and crows feet. Sofia's technique is excellent, minimal discomfort. Very pleased with outcome, effect exactly as Sofia predicted, youthful but subtle. Looking forward to next treatment and will definitely be more ambitious next time!
  • Despite being nervous as I had never had fillers before, Dr Sofia put me at such ease and I came out with the most beautiful looking lips. Constantly asking if I was okay and that we could stop at any time I needed. Have not stopped recommending since I have had them done and already booked in for a top up. Thankyou so much!
  • I had anti-wrinkle treatment done. Wanted somebody who I felt I could trust for their honest judgement and not just try and sell me unnecessary treatments - found that person in Dr Sofia. Excellent at what she does. Would recommend highly to anybody wanting aesthetic treatments in a professional local comfortable environment
  • Excellent service. Sofia was very honest and really calmed my nerves! She was very professional the entire time and talked you through the entire process and after care. I honestly cannot tell you how much I recommend Sofia! Once you have a treatment you will no longer go elsewhere - she is so brilliant and makes you feel very calm. I have always wanted lip fillers but been very scared. She was patient with me and constantly asked if I was okay. She built my lips up and constantly checked I was happy with shape and pain. Highly recommend. My lips are better than kylie Jenner's! :-) Sian X
    Sian woolvin
  • Dr Sophia talks through all the treatment you are going to have, making you feel very relaxed. The aftercare advice is great, the best I have ever received. Really cares about her patients.
    Victoria Barton
  • Dr Sofia is very honest about the benefits of the treatments and the process involved. Everyone is seen as an individual and care is taken to provide the best results. She is very calm, considerate and ensures the results are what was expected. The treatment went extremely well and pain free. Dr Sofia provided excellent follow up checks and always reassured me throughout the process. She didn't try to sell any other treatment and focussed on my concern. Would highly recommend Dr Sofia as she is passionate about every treatment and takes pride in all her work.
  • Fantastic results.. very knowledgble and did exactley what i wanted
    Lauren Harrold
  • Would definitely recommend Dr Sofia. She was very honest about the benefits of the treatments and made it very easy to choose which treatments were best for me. She did not try to sell any treatment and focussed on my concerns and gave honest advice so I could make the best decision for me. The treatment itself went smoothly - painfree and no side effects.
  • The only place to go if you want a procedure where you know you’re not only going to be looked after but are guaranteed a great outcome. Dr Sofia is an expert in everything she does and I would never dream of going anywhere else. Book in with s-thetique and your only regret will be that you didn’t do it sooner!
    N Penney

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